September 24, 2020

An autobiography; a poet who paint the history

M.Afsar Rahbeen, the distinguished Afghan poet, researcher & journalist who is also the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tehran , in response to our request , has written an autobiography for the cccacd website.

The title of his  autobiography is; “ A poet , paint the history by his blood”

I was born in Bagram in 1958, one of the green full towns of north of Kabul Afghanistan.

My father was a very famous Clearck at that time in Parwan province.

May mother was a housewife and used to work in our vineyard which located around our village castle.

We had such a big family with four sisters and three brothers we have made such a big family.

Oh! I forgot, my old aunty who living with us also.

I was in the first class that my father started teaching me Dewan e Hafiz.

As he liked poem and poetry he also was explaining to me Bostan and Gulistan of Sa’di and some other poem collections which we had in our home.

Now when I speak about poem or when somebody ask me about my poetry life, I remember my father, my poetry father!

I graduated from Bagram Lacey in 1975 and went to Kabul to continue my higher educations and I got my bachelor degree from Institute of Industrial Management in 1979.

At that time there was made a codetta by Communist Party in April 1979 in Afghanistan.

After a years of the April Codetta, Russia conquered Afghanistan after years of codetta and Jihad started and everything get changed.

The first Russian bombardment attack impacted our house. My brothers were in the frontline of Jihad and our family was migrated on other place in Bagram. There for poem and poetry got changed by bloody words like: bomb, mortar, gun, gunshot etc. And another vice Jihad, mujahidin, martyrdom, freedom etc. became very common.

In this case my poems got bloody style, as the other poets works became bloody and redness and painful.

Sometime I think, I have cried world with poem to this world and I have lived with poem all the time and all the time I have cried bloody tears of my people and I painted my motherland history by my blood!

My first poems collection ‘Dar Khat e Fasila Haa”(In the Line of The Spaces) published by Afghanistan Writers Association in 1988. But unfortunately I lost my poetry leader, my lovely father a few years ago in 1980.

Jihad continued and Afghanistan became round and round day by day and our martyrs graph got went high every day.

In that time when Russian forces retreated Afghanistan, we had more than       1.500 000 and over 90 % our infrastructures were destroyed by bombardment and fateful war.

I got arrested by communist party regime in 1988 with my teen heroic poems and after the some inquiries put me in Pul e Charkhi, which is a very dreadful prison.

One of the poems was named;”Tarana ha ye shabangahi (The nocturnal songs) and I have composed it last night, at that time, and that it was a just note. They seized the above mentioned verse and after a few months I was released from prison.

I feel the war and fighting of my country with all its effects, from Russia Attack to Kabul war, the Taliban inhuman crimes till U. S. Forces Attack until now, that our people are being killed suicide attacks and … There for my poems are painful and generally they have political and violence themes.

I believes:

Poem is a humanitarian cries which is replay by poets.

We can make a beautiful world for all the religions by love gathering!

For making a good global, we need cultural dialogues, So we must dignify each other`s opinion and his/her thoughts and believes!


My Literary Works (Published):

1-Dar Khat e Fasela Haa (Persian poems col.1978) 2-Khat e Mash (Persian poems col.1988)

3-Ham Aab Ham Aatash (critique1989)4-Taraana Haay Shabaangahi (Persian poems col.1990)

5-Man wa Maadaram (Persian poems col.2003)6-Twenty elegies for the Asian tsunami victims (Persian short poems with English translation,2005)7-Amir Khousro Dehlawi and Hafiz (research, 2010)

8-Hazaar Nai (poems col. 2010)9-Shairan e Farsi sura dar Hind(translated from Urdu, 2010)

10-Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti(translate from Urdu,2010)11-Zakhm(Urdu poems collection, 2010)

12-Alam Ganj (Persian poems collection, 2012)13-Ghubar-e-Khatir(Translated to Persian2014)

14- Baal e Jebrail(translation of Iqbal Urdu poem collection, in verse translation)

15- Zarb e Kaleem( //                   //                          //                     //                      )

To be published:

1-Gulbarg Haa (Persian poems collection) 2-Ghazalnama (Persian poems collection)

3-De Kabul Swi Oshke (Pashto poems collection) 4-Khayyam wa Andisha Hay Epicurei (researches)5-Yahoo (Translate of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo Diwan into Urdu and Pashtu)

6-Yadgar-e-Ghalib (Translated into Persian) 7-Sanam-e-Gurezpa (research on Mawlana Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi`s thoughts) 8-Sanayi and the change of Ghazal (research)

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