September 24, 2020

Development in Asia depend on the spirit of cooperation

Development in Asia depend on the spirit of cooperation among the member states of ACD, said Mr. Majid Bizmark, The Director General for Multilateral and International Economic Cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Iftar Reception which was held in Azadi Hotel in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

In this meeting, comprised of the residing Ambassadors of ACD’s Member Countries in Tehran, Mr. Bizmark mentioned the chairmanship of Islamic Republic of Iran in ACD for the year 2018, and in this regard he elaborated the importance of Summit which is to be held on 15-17 October of 2018.

He further mentioned the selection of Hamedan as the Tourism Capital of ACD in 2018, and in this regard Mr. Araghe, the Development Deputy of Hamedan Governorate, and Mr. Malmir, the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Hamedan explained their programs for this event.

At the end of meeting, Mr. Issa Rezazadeh, the president of CCCACD hoped such meeting provide a fresh impetus for cultural cooperation among member states of ACD.


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