September 21, 2020

Establishment of First CCCACD Branch in HAMEDAN


It is required to establish the first CCCACD Branch in the city of Hamedan for the reason that Hamedan has been elected as the first tourism Capital of ACD in 2018, said MR. Issa Rezazadeh the president of Cultural Coordination Center of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (CCCACD) in a panel of experts which was organized by the Research Center of City Council of Hamedan on 12, May 2018.

Based on the history of formation of ACD, He further mentioned; It is a sheer necessity for member states of ACD to collaborate in the field of investment for infrastructures and development of Tourism because of the vast opportunities exist in Asia.

In the Panel, Mr. Araghe, the governors Development Deputy, Mr. Soufi, the Mayor of Hamedan, Dr. Molavi, the Head of City Council and Mr. Malmir, the Director General of Tourism of Hamedan, elaborated the views regarding importance of the existing capacities of Tourism in Hamedan, and hoped the new chapter of boosting in the field of Tourism in the p



The panel was moderated by Mr. Maghzehee, the Tourism advisor of City Council.

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