September 21, 2020

Formation of Asian Languages Department in Saadi Foundation

To be familiarize with the activities, programs and plans of Cultural Coordination Center of ACD, Mr. Ghalibaf the General Director of International cooperation of  Saadi Foundation, and his colleagues visited the CCCACD and met with Mr. Rezazadeh the President of the Center.

The President of CCCACD  explained  the goals and activities as well as the forthcoming project of the center, and emphasized on importance of Asian languages with total of 2269 languages in the Continent.

In the meeting, both sides discussed the possibility of formation of the Asian languages department in the Saadi Foundation.

It should be noted that, ‘The Saadi Foundation’ was established in 2012و in order to strengthen and expand the Persian language and literature abroad, and to create concentration, synergy, and integration in the activities pertaining to this area, and with the intention of making optimal use of the capacities available inside and outside Iran.

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