September 21, 2020

Iran after religions, cultures inter-dialogue

Ali Jannati, Iran’s Minister of Culture, addressed the World Culture Forum (WCF) in Indonesia on 13 October and stressed on Iran’s priority for dialogue between cultures, civilizations and religions.

“My country, enjoying an old civilization and culture heritage, is consistent on the principle of dialogue,” said  Ali Jannati, Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, addressing the World Culture Forum (WCF) underway in Indonesia’s Nusa Dua, Bali, attended by 900 dignitaries and culture ministers from 47 countries.

He hailed cultural diversity as a divine gift and huge wealth that, because of its specific merits, can play a constructive role in enriching the cultural worth of the world and broadening the perspective of cooperation between nations in the framework of inter-cultural dialogues.

“The WCF in Balli can capitalize on some potentials in the international cultural entities on the way to realize its objectives,” maintained the Iranian minister, “international communities formed by talks and dialogues are after extending regional and international cooperation without involving in political frictions and quarrels.”

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