September 21, 2020

Minister of Culture calls for expansion of media ties in meeting Chinese Press Minister


Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in a meeting with visiting Chinese Press Minister on Friday Jan.22, 2016 called for promotion of media ties between the two countries in order to make people of Iran and China more familiar with each other. According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Ali Jannati said Iran and China have long history of relations and inter actions and share many historical and cultural commonalities. He said both Iran and China have rich culture and ancient civilization and the Silk Road is the symbol of ties between these two civilizations on either side of Asia. Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said Tehran and Beijing have nearly than 100 year of formal diplomatic ties and first Iranian consulate was opened in China in 1923. He said during the past 3 decades economic, political and cultural relations between Iran and China have grown steadily. Referring to cultural, scientific and technical agreements signed between Iran and China in 1983, Mr. Jannati said so far the cultural exchange agreement between Tehran and Beijing has been extended 7 times. Commenting on Chinese President’s Tehran visit, Mr. Jannati said this visit is a turning point in two countries’ political, economic and cultural ties.

Meantime ,the  Head of Cinema Organization Mr. Hojaollah Ayyoubi in meeting officials of two leading Chinese media, CCTV and China People Daily, said cooperation between Tehran and Beijing has started long time ago and we hope after the meeting presidents of two countries, bilateral cultural cooperation to grow further According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Ayyoubi expressed his pleasure for meeting Chinese journalists and their visit to Iran adding that he hopes along political and economic cooperation between the two nations, cultural ties and cooperation in film industry enhances as well. Iranian official said Iran and China have many things in common in art and cultural areas adding that he is glad to see promotion of ties between Iranian and Chinese cinema. He added that in Iran some 100 films are made annually and this year more than 200 films have been sent to Fajr film Festival which is one of the most important cultural events in country. Mr. Ayyoubi said during the past year, number of Iranian cinema goers doubled and currently Iranian film industry is in good shape. According to Mr. Ayyoubi China helped Iran during years of sanctions and is considered as friend by Iranians and now that doors of the world have been reopened to us, China is given a priority here and meeting between two countries’ Presidents is a new starting point for expansion of our ties. Economic relations are considered top priority between nations and media workers should try to remind decision makers to take cultural relations into account along with economic and political relations, said the head of Cinema Organization. He said Chinese and Iranian civilizations are undoubtedly among the most ancient ones and only in Iran and China calligraphy is considered as art. Mr. Ayyoubi said Silk Road is one of the elements connecting China and Iran together and I am aware that China is trying to revive the this road and hope that it can be turned to a corridor for cultural exchange between Iran and China. Recalling his visit to China, Mr. Ayyoubi said the visit was very interesting and constructive and two Memorandum of Understanding were signed between the two countries for cooperation on film industry and currently Iranian and Chinese film makers and other relevant people are holding talks on joint production of feature films and documentaries. He said one of the creative works in Chinese film industry is roving cinema and some Iranians are currently in China learning this innovative way of promoting cinema all across the country. He said Iran and China can also work on construction of movie houses because china has 27 thousand cinemas and 50 thousand roving cinemas and there have good experience in this era and can help Iran in this field. Mr. Ayyoubi said if we can capture only 2 percent of your cinemas for screening our films it will be a success in a bid to take the place of Hollywood in your country.

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