September 24, 2020

Minister of Culture: dialog, realism and planned actions will provide transparent environment

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in a meeting with media managers said our objective is to come out of ambiguity and unclear atmosphere through dialog, realism and planned actionsthe perception of the Press in the country is more mature and rational than other entities. He added that by helping each other we should move towards solving problems and should reach an understanding for doing so. Mr. Salehi Amiri said dialog and tackling problems through clarifying the boundaries, are among the principles pursued by the incumbent government.

Meanwhile, the new Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the day after taking office visited the shrine of Imam Khomeini in southern Tehran and paid homage to the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said; I looked through writings of Iman Khomeini in search of cultural concepts and found that his main concern was to create man of culture. Mr. Salehi Amiri said after several decades since the Islamic Revolution, we should carry out a pathological study in our society and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as the navigator of culture, art and literature, today once again has renewed its allegiance with the founder of the Islamic Republic and will follow the guidelines and path of Imam Khomeini in carrying out its mission.
In addition, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance speaking at the ceremony of 22nd Press and News Agencies Exhibition called on the media when touching national issues to take into consideration rationality and global situation. Mr. Reza Salehi Amiri speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition in Imam Khomeini Cultural Compound in downtown Tehran said this exhibition is a symbol of cultural dialog, plurality of thoughts and tendencies adding that the government uphold such concepts. He said the press and media are beckon to achieving a cultural, political , economic and social system and as well as reaching the summit of progress and development. Minister of Culture said today more than any time before we are in need of an environment for dialog and cordiality because under such condition, rumors will have no room to spread. He described the exhibition as the symbol of concordance and said the incumbent government walks in path of moderation and refrains from factional behaviors. Mr. Salehi Amiri said media should help to flourish dialog within the society adding that President Rouhani attaches more importance to ethics in media domain than the Revolution itself. Addressing President Rouhani, Mr. Salehi Amiri said those working in media sector are dignified people who are living in harsh condition and economy of media needs your special assistance to continue its life. He said free flow of Information which President Rouhani has introduced its relevant law forms the basis of the domestic BARJAM adding that based on this law, government is the guardian of information and media the owner of information and that government will pursue the policy of free flow of Information. Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said government is attentive to diverse views and ideas expressed through media and attaches special importance to transparency and righteousness .

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