September 21, 2020

Salehi Amiri appointed the new Iranian Culture Minister

Salehi Amiri is the director of National Library and Archives Organisation of Iran (NLAI)  has played a significant role in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in recent years.
Salehi Amiri (PhD) received the vote of confidence from Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) as 180 legislators were in favor of him, 89 voted against him and six abstained. He replaces former Culture Minister Ali Jannati (PhD) who resigned earlier.
Born in 1961, in Babul, Mazandaran Province of Iran, Salehi Amiri is an academic, cultural director and politician. He was previously served as acting Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports from August to October 2013. Earlier in October, Salehi Amiri was nominated by President Hassan Rouhani as Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance. He already served as Deputy Culture Minister.
He is a graduate of political science and Public administration from Azad University and is also a professor at the university. He has written 14 books and 60 scientific articles. He was also head of Hassan Rouhani’s 2013 presidential campaign cultural affairs.
“Mr. Salehi Amiri is a sociologist, and cultural celebrity.” I have worked with him for at least 13-14 years,” President Rouhani said in Salehi Amiri defense in the Majlis.

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