October 25, 2020

Tajikistan Ambassador expresses his readiness for collaboration with CCCACD

Mr. Issa Rezazadeh, the President of CCCACD was warmly welcomed by H.E. Ne’matullo Emomzoda, the Ambassador of Tajikistan on December 28, 2015.

For further familiarization with the CCCACD’s goals and functions, the President of the Center explained in detail how the activities are conducted in a coordinated manner for better result.

Mr. Rezazadeh with special emphasis on the important role of the Embassies of the ACD Member States, reiterated his readiness to consider  any views, suggestions and proposals from resident Embassies in Tehran to improve the cultural aspects of the ACD.

The Ambassador of Tajikistan expressed his support for enhancement of collaboration with CCCACD.

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