May 28, 2018

Thai minister: Iran is regarded as the gate for Thai cultural products to region

Thailand Culture Minister Vira Rajpoj Chanarat said  Iran is regarded as the gate for Thai cultural products to regional markets.

Thai minister made the remarks in a meeting with the Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkaman in Tehran on May 8, 2016.
Torkaman said cultural affinities between Iran and Thailand are very deeply rooted adding that the first ever cultural agreement between the two countries inked some 40 years ago and it is over 33 years that Iran’s cultural representative plays active role in Bangkok.
There exists ample untapped cultural potential between the two countries which all should be explored, Torkaman said.
Thailand with its deep culture has left profound impacts on the global developments, he said.
Thailand held some very good cultural programs in Iran which were welcomed by the Iranian people and helped the Iranian people get acquainted with their culture, he said.
Thai minister, for his part, said that cultural relations between Iran and Thailand date back to some 400 years ago.
Referring to his visit to Shiraz and Isfahan, he said cultural diversities in those cities are very unique and remarkable in the world.
The Thai minister called for expansion of cooperation with Iran in filmmaking, setting up film festivals and film weeks, introducing cultural attractions, exchange of scientific information on museums as well as religious dialogue between the two sides.
Iran’s cinema and film industry have left major impact on global film industry and screening of Iranian films in Thailand will introduce the country’s achievements in the sector, the Thai minister said.

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